BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend

 ABOUT US:   I have loved Tervurens ever since I saw a picture of one when I was a teenager.  That was a long time ago. We live on a 5 acre "mini" farm in rural Missouri.  "WE" means myself (Debi), my father, and my animals.  My animals and I have lived here since 1997 and over the years have seen come and go my own children, and grandchildren who used to live with me or visit often.  Since then the grandchildren don't visit, both my horses have passed away, and my father came to live with me in 2013.  We still have cats (one of which is 18) and of course the Tervurens.  We started out with my daughter's Australian Shepherd and one Tervuren.  To date I have my foundation Tervurens Iceman, Cindar, and Cookie who are still producing but will retire within the next year or two.  We raise and breed Tervurens.   Our breeding program has developed to include a silver male Lido, and a silver female to provide a variety of color in our coats.  We breed for temperament, trying to produce outgoing puppies that are energetic, correct, confident, and loving.  Two of our females are still with us, but retired.  Virna-T, who is also a foundation girl, is mother of Pufff; our silver girl who is still giving us beautiful puppies.   We recently expanded our program to include breeding with a daughter of Cindar and Iceman who is c-owned with a best friend living also on a small acreage making 3 generations on site/premises to continue the positive aspects of the line we are breeding from.  Those aspects include: coat, intellect, health, correctness, temperament, and longevity.

NOT EVERYONE IS READY FOR A TERVUREN:  Actually, I got my first Tervuren in 1979.  It took me 3 years to find one and less than 1 year to have to give her up.  I was a victim of my own ignorance.  I lived in a college town apartment with access to a back yard.  I kept her in a kennel while I worked at the college library.  It didn't take her long to learn to climb out of that kennel and show up over a mile away at the library doors.  I had never taken her to work and don't know how she found me, but despite my efforts to keep her at home, she escaped over and over.  Fearful I would loose her to traffic I placed her with a man that had stopped by on serveral occasions to play frisbee with my dog.  He too, like me, had always wanted to have a Tervuren.  God sent him to us, I am sure.  He lived on a fenced property in the country and though it broke my heart to give her up, I couldn't have asked for better placement.  She lived a long, safe, and happy life.  I vowed if I every owned enough property with a fence I would have another Tervuren. 

SO HERE WE ARE: I now raise and breed Tervurens.  I haven't gotten into the show rings yet, but several placed puppies have and done well.  My dogs are from champion bloodlines, have sound temperments, and have healthy histories.  I make sure people interested in my puppies know what the breed is about and the requirements to successful placement.  I also follow the puppies I place for the life time of the puppy or as long as the owner desires.  Tervurens are so strikingly beautiful that people are impressed with their appearance.  There is so much more to a Tervuren than meets the eye.  We practice early puppy stimulation to enhance learning and trainablilty.  We socialize our puppies with pets and children from day one to give them a head start in the world.  Tervurens also need: to be a part of the family, the opportunity to exercise, firm but gentle handling, and a purpose (even if it is just to be a best friend).  The reward of giving these things is devotion, loyalty, affection, and obedience from a dog that lives to please his person and looks them in the eye waiting his next request.     


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