BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend

Our newest litter was born on August 6, 2015 between Puff and Griffon.  Pictures will be coming soon.  We also are involved in caring and placement of a litter of 10 from Beau Shado's co-owned Ruby.  She was bred with Lido and on July 26 had a litter of 10.  Pictures coming soon with that litter as well.  Ruby has a facebook page through her mom's page.  Look under Brenda Wright.



If you are interested in seeing  pictures now, please leave an email and we will be happy to send. 

We invite questions about our puppies.  We do note personalities to aid in choosing a puppy and keeping them individualized.  They become recognizeable as individuals within 4-5 weeks of age and I can identify the puppies by sight then.  Personalities are really coming through and we are better able to answer questions about disposition and dominance, playfullness, stubborness, etc. so we can try to match the puppy with it's placement. 

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