BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend



                         ROSEMANOR ICEMAN

Introducing our male "Iceman".  He is from Canadian and American champion bloodlines.  He is very devoted and loving with sound temperment and a willingness to please.  One of his favorite things to do was go running with my daughter Beth. Iceman is 11 now and just produced in May 2015 a litter of 5 puppies.  He is still ready to go, but tires quicker and much prefers just being company than running for long distances.   


This is our beautiful girl purchased the summer of 2007.  Virna is a Eurpean import from Italy, the mother of our girl Cindar (seen below) and Puff (our silver female).  We sent Virna to be bred to Valter Otello, hoping he was not too old to give us a boy.  He was a beautiful American/Canadian Tervuren but alas, we knew he was getting older and he may have been too old to be a daddy as their union did not give us any babies.  So, Virna came home and that fall she and Iceman had a date.  Iceman proudly help produce 9 beautiful babies in Dec. 2009.  We are still aable to continue Valter's line, just a little more distantly. Virna is completely health tested and OFA'd.  She is a pretty sable color and with Iceman's dark coloring we got quite a variety of coat color. The loving temperaments, straight and smooth movement, should make for a well rounded combination.  Iceman comes from confirmation/show backgrounds and Virna from working lines.  Update: Virna is now retired and no longer produces puppies for us.  We continue her line with her daughter Puff.

CINDAR: summer 2009

CINDAR: April, 2010


This is Cindar.  Even after blowing her coat last year, she still looked mighty fine.  Cindar is out of Virna-T and *Rosemanor Wolfman.  Cindar's devotion to affection can only be matched but not surpassed.  She grins with excitement during play and when greeting me home.  She is watchful and lets me know when someone comes to the house, however, I am sure would help them carry things out if requested to do so.  She knows no strangers.  Some of Cindar's  past puppies can be seen on following pages. Cindar, as of 2015 is still able to give us puppies, but just not for much longer.  She will be retiring in the next year or so.

*Wolfman is pictured on our "Dogs We Have Known" page in memorial to him.  Wolfman (aka Jack) resided at Green Mills farm and unfortunately passed away at an early age in the prime of his career as a champion and sire in the summer of 2007.  He was a beautiful champion dog and the Tervuren world is unfortunate to be without him.  We, however, feel very fortunate to have Cindar as well as another daughter (Cookie) from him to continue his line.

DISCLAIMER:  Although two of our females came out of Brytestar kennels (aka Greenmills Farm), and are wonderful dogs (we got them very young and had major influence on their socialization and care), because of different philosophies we no longer desire to be associated with Brytestar or it's owner.



"Cookie" is our 3RD breedable female.  She is our youngest, turning 2 in May of 2009 making her turning 8 in 2015.  She is out of Ch Just-a-Wyn's  Rosemanor Wolfman and Ch Hannah Von De Guire.  Cookie is built a little differntly in her mind and physique.  She is a redder color and her coat is over-abundant.  It is a little differnt color than our other two females. Her grandfather is European and mother American/Canadian which may speak to the difference she presents.  She has a more European look to her with a wonderful and quick movement.  We are partial to Cookie because of her different attitude about the world around her.  She seems to be aware of more than the average dog.  She, like Cindar, grins when excited or overly happy and playful.  When at rest, Cookie can be caught looking up at the sky and watching birds or clouds pass by.  She loves the movement of the trees in the wind.  She is a very poetic Tervuren.  None of our other dogs do this on a regular basis.  With that soft and gentle soul comes the mischief maker in her.  In her youth she was our little escape artist and loved to get out in the field and play tag with our Foxtrotter.  He would chase her to one end and then she chased him back.  After their romp she loved nothing better than to lay near him and watch him graze.  I think they were in love.  Echo, the Foxtrotter passed away 2 years ago and Cookie still gets out, but comes back when she realizes he is not in the pasture.  I think she still misses him.  Cookie can jump very high, her compact build makes for square and agile puppies..  She is a very sweet dog and we hope that when we breed her next spring with Iceman to get and keep a puppy that will also have her unusual interests and attitudes about life. 


when I was a little bitty baby 6-2010

   Almost grown up. April 2011

Lido is only one year old here, taken in April of 2011.  He has now joined our breeding program since his OFA came  back exceleent in 2012.  He is out of our Valter Otello lines on dam's side and Ravenmasque sire's side.  He is a silver, but has already produced nice mahogany puppies in his first litter born August of 2012.  AKC does not promote the gray or silver color coats as much as the usual mahogany and fawn; however, in Europe and Canada it is recognized right along with the mahogany and fawn.  AKC does not consider it a fault, just not a preferred color and we have many requests for silver puppies.  We hope in the future AKC will also recognize this without penalty as a desired standard color in America.  There are numersous Silver/gray coated Tervs that now hold their AKC championships.  Lido's conformation and temperament are what we look for in producing an all around balanced Tervuren that can fit into any family, work, show or service situation.  We are NOT all about confirmation showing.  Tervs are so versatile, they are worth far more than just a showing hunk of canine which they can excel at too.  So far, all puppies produced have been show quality, although we do not promote that be their only purpose. 

WHAT WE PRACTICE AND BELIEVE:  When you get a BEAU SHADO TERVUREN here is our promise to our beautiful shadows and to our buyers.

We socialize our puppies and do puppy stimulus from day one to make a smarter, more trainable Tervuren.  We continue to socialize no matter the age; in other words we don't stop socializing with a puppy and stick it in a kennel somewhere if it isn't placed right away.  It continues to be a part of the family and farm setting until it leaves with it's own forever family.  We also, whether a contract is signed or not, honor our part in the contract we have available.  That is: we keep in contact and help with advice about the puppy, puppy problems, and any other information requested for the life of the puppy AS LONG AS THE OWNER WANTS, and ABSOLUTELY do not turn an interested person away that has questions or problems.  We have voice mail/email and do return calls.  We also will help anyone with a question about Belgian Shepherds to the best of our ability whether they come from Beau Shado or not.  We also ABSOLUTELY will take a dog back to rehome if for any reason the owner can not keep or rehome the dog themselves.  WE ALSO MAKE SURE OUR PUPPIES LEAVE OUR PREMISES IN PRIME HEALTH CONDITIONS (good home made food, fresh water, shots, wormings done on schedule as well as flea/heartworm treatments started if the puppy is of age and still in our hands and sometimes leash trained if old enough before leaving).  REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE as are pedigree copies.  

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