BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend


"COAL" to Diamonds    Coal was our first breeding male.  He was the sweetest, most loving dog and never knew a stranger.  He loved children and this is one of my favorite pictures of him. This is with my daughter Beth and her daughter Kylie.  When Kylie was younger she grabbed poor Coal's lip and hung on to him.  All he did is raise his head, roll his eyes, and look at me as if to say "HELP".  Coal was terribly afraid of thunder and lightening, guns and fireworks.  He came from an unfortunate puppyhood and rarely barked.  Despite these influences in his life, he devoted himself with courage and love to our family and friends.  He has a son in Springfield that we still keep in contact with and some day may get a puppy from Koda as we miss Coal's attentive devotion so typical of the Belgian breed.  We were blessed to have him with us for the time he was on this earth.  He was killed in an accident on the 4th of July 2006 as a result of his fear of fireworks.  With neighbors firing night works into the dawn, when let out in his pen, he climbed his fence and ran in front of a vehicle.  No one in our family has fully recovered from that tragedy.  We miss him still.  I hope to see him again someday at he Rainbow Bridge.

Denver's Silouette "SILLY" "Silly" our matriarch, started it all, known for her dark mahogany coat (better seen in the photo gallery) and an exuberant personality. Silly got us started in rearing puppies and over the years has given us plenty. She has children out there in SAR, conformation, and one that got his CDG in 2009. So, she has a very special place in our heart and our family. Silly has given us some beautiful puppies and we were lucky in that she always gave us a variety of colors including mahogany, fawn, and gray, which now seems to be so sought after. Some of her puppies are in the photo gallery young and grown.

NOTE: Silouette is uniquely spelled, but she has always been just "Silly" to us in reference to her sense of humor. Another kennel had copied it stating in an email to me that she thought it was "cute". My Silouette is spelled differently and her dog has a diffferent full name. The kennel owner recently changed the nickname for her dog from Silly to Sunny. We agree, we like the name, however very much appreciate the respect given by changing the nick name reference since we are not associated with that kennel. When communicating with breeders, always ask for the dog's full name and lineage.

CHAMPION JUST-A-WYN'S ROSEMANOR WOLFMAN (grandfather of our puppies)

Finally, we are honored to post this picture of CH Just-A-Wyn's Rosemanor Wolfman aka"Jack", the father of Cindar and Cookie.  It was sent to us from a friend just after his death.  He died at Green Mills Farm in the summer of 2007.  He had just started a promising future, quickly earning his championship and lucky for us, sired several litters before his unfortunate death.  Jack was known previously by a couple in Massechusetts that now own a puppy from Cindar, making TJ a grandson.  They also knew our male Rosemanor Iceman and wanted a puppy that would be related to both males.  Wolfman, according to them, was one of a kind in temperament and loving devotion to those he knew well.  If you talk to Lori, she will tell you there will never be another dog like him.  She is hoping that TJ, the puppy she got from us in 2008, will have some of Wolfman's traits.   We feel very fortunate to have two of his daughters to carry on his line.  We are also pleased with the physical resemblence he has to our own Rosemanor Iceman  The previous owner at Rosemaor knew what to look for in a male where both dogs originated from.  We hope that Wolfman "Jack" has lots of green fields to run through and cool breezes to blow through his beautiful coat at the Rainbow Bridge.  He is the epitome of what a beautiful shadow dancing in the sun should be. 


 Cree belonged to a very beautiful girl of 14 who impressed out hearts so, that when Cree passed away from a rare problem with her colon inverting, we could not stand Megan's heart being so broken.  Cree was too young as was her best friend Megan to have had to experience such a short time together.  Cree was well trained and followed Megan everywhere.  We are honored to donate and place another puppy of her choosing with Megan.  Cree was just getting started in her life on a ranch and we know she is filling her time now with lots of things to do at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for that day in the far off, distant future to reunite with her beloved Megan.