BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend

Devota and Alo

This page is set forth to honor a lady and her dog.  This page will also contain more pictures as time has marched on and more pictures have been sent to us that show the happiness and love being given and received by our Tervuren families.  However we really want to honor Devota and Alo here first.

Alo embodies the diversity and versatility of the Tervuren breed.  He is the perfect example of our motto: what you put into a Terv is what you get out of a Terv.  His "mom" Devota embodies the kind of owner every Tervuren deserves.  She has spent most of her spare time training, showing, and playing with her boy.  He continues to progress as he matures in confirmation show, dock diving, nose work, herding, and earning his good citizen award.  He has attained his International Championship and continues to be a joy and source of pirde for his mom.  Alo is not without his mischievous side however.  He loves to chew up pillows.

Just a pup 2013                               Dock Diving Junior Award