BEAU SHADO Belgian Tervurens: The Definition Of Man's Best Friend

Belgian Tervuren Puppies

We are hoping for another litter from Cindar this year.  She and Iceman are being paired this fall for some nice prospects and hopes of one more litter of foundation bred babies.  You can see some pictures of past puppies on the next page.   There are also some photos of Puff, Virna's daughter.  We kept her to add to our breeding program.  We are looking forward to some of the same quality with a little more emphasis on bigger bone, a little more square, and some nicely blackened silver puppies. Several requests for puppies have already been made and we are building our notification list.  Puppies will be able to be reserved by deposit.  

We socilaize and do puppy stimulation from day 1.  You can see by some of our pictures that puppies get handled often and try to do so with children helping.

Cindar and Cookie puppies will not be planned too far in the future as both are getting up in age and will be retiring within the next year or so.  Both have had produced great litters in our program and their puppies are doing great things and being loved by numerous families.  They have made a lot of people very happy.  Cookie was bred to Lido and we kept a boy from that union.  His name is Griffon and a joy to behold, very loving and so far showing heavy coat, great temperament, nice bone and topline, and calm manner.  We like that!!! He and Puff just produced a litter Aug. 6, 2015. 

Cindar and Cookie spent 12 months Oklahoma under the care of an exceptional Tervuren lover.  Cookie whelped a litter while in Oklahoma and Cindar kept her familiar company.  After being gone for so long, they returned Oct. 15th 2011 and we were so happy to have them back.  When we reunited none of us could wipe the smiles of our faces, not even Cindar or Cookie.  They seemed so happy to come home but acted as if they had never been gone, not forgetting anything about home.  Lots of wagging tails and over exuberant kisses were given.  I was surprised by Cindar, she never used to be a dog that licked, but I was wet from hands to face.   It had been a wonderful year for the girls with an opportunity to see some new faces, experience a little exposure to the show side of things, and have a happy home away from home.  We missed them terribly, but also believe it was a good experience for all.   

We want to thank everyone that has given our puppies great homes and sent the wonderful pictures of our babies in their new environments.  What a treat to see how well they all have adjusted and taken to their new families.  We have tried to post some of the pictures to share with our website visitors.  Please feel free to inquire about our puppies and parents.  Please, only serious inquiries as we try to honor first come/first serve so that once a placement is approved and deposit is received others on the waiting list can be notified. 

We will try to update the website as news develops.  


Whelped 5-8-2015-All have been placed. 

BELOW ARE 4 puppies from Cookie/Iceman Litter.  I can tell the difference in the puppies, but the consistency in looks of this litter are amazing.  I admit I have to rely on gender and the white or lack of white patches on the chest somedays to tell who. 


This little girl went to Philly                                Karuna Went to Massechusetts

 Karuna at one year old.

Aslan has joined with his new family the end of June.  His sister is inTexas.

SABER on left, out of Cookie's 09 litter, came to visit us Nov. 2010- he is play bowing to Diamond

Virna Puppies

Virna's (little ones)       That's my TOE!!!!           Virna babies everywhere (smaller pups)   

Virna's Miss Yellow and siblings  Miss White                      Miss Purple

Some of Diamond's First litter for us

 Her puppies are darker longer but do lighten as they age, they have a lot of blackening as adults.

 LIttle silver girl around 6-8 weeks           Silver girl (right) 8-10 weeks and brother

 Very dark when young                             An older puppy from same Diamond liitter                         

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  WAY TO GO LISA AND DUKE!!!! We are very proud to announce we have received email from a puppy mom that has has finished an Interantional Championship and CDG.  He will be going for his CD this fall.  This guy is a puppy out of Silhouette and Cole. (Iceman's uncle, Cole, is pictured in memorial on our "Dogs We Have Known" page, what a great tribute to him)  

Our contact phone number is:   660 909-5779. 

In the meantime we will try to add new pictures of placed puppies and dogs as their families send them to be enjoyed. 

 Or e-mail us with the link below.